My Husband And I Got Married In Las Vegas

My husband and I had been together for quite a few years. We got engaged and started discussing our plans for a wedding. We looked around at local places to get married and took note of some of our friends weddings to see what we wanted out of ours. We hadn’t set a date because we wanted to make sure it was just right.

Shortly after talking about our wedding and how we wanted it, a friend of ours got married in Las Vegas. We hadn’t really considered anything like this, but thought it sounded like a better idea. We wouldn’t need to plan anything and it would be cheaper to buy plane tickets to Las Vegas to get married. We talked it over and decided this is what we wanted to do rather than have a big wedding at home.

I started looking for travel packages to Las Vegas as soon as we talked about it. I found some really great deals, but I wanted to make sure I was getting the best deal. I did my research and checked over the hotels that had the deals. I made sure they had good reviews before I even considered them. I showed my fiance what I had found and we agreed on a travel package that we could afford.

We made all of our arrangements to get the time off of work to travel to Las Vegas. We told a few of our friends that we were going to get married while we were there instead of having a wedding. They said that was a great thing to do and it would save money.

I couldn’t wait to leave for Las Vegas because I had never been there before and I was going to be getting married. My fiance was excited too. He couldn’t wait to go and see Las Vegas.

Upon arriving we were able to find a chapel to get married at. It was easy to find one because there were several around. I was happy to get married even though it was in a place like this. It was easier to do it this way rather than pay money that we could use for other things in our life like a down payment on a home. We have been happily married since our Las Vegas wedding and it’s been almost 11 years.

Author: Linda Page